The Workshop

Every musician deserves the joy and satisfaction of creating music spontaneously, in the present moment. Somewhere along the way, the craft of improvisation was lost to most “classical” musicians. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are revered as superhuman for their improvisational skills, at a level we supposedly can only dream of. Yet pop, rock, and jazz musicians improvise from the first day they pick up an instrument. This is an imbalance that can and should be corrected.

In the contemporary professional music business, if you can’t improvise, you are missing out on work. If you can’t play an instrumental break on a pop song, or add atmospheric textures to a film cue, the client will find someone else who can. Musicians who don’t improvise are leaving money on the table.

The ability to sight-read does not prohibit you from learning the craft of improvising. During this eight-week workshop, you will begin improvising immediately, and by the end of the course you will be comfortable, confident and capable the next time someone asks you to solo on their song.

You will create your own music over chord progressions in a variety of genres, including classical, rock, bluegrass, jazz, and blues. You will improvise using modes, creating sequences spontaneously.

Your improvised melodies will imply the harmony of the underlying chord progression, freeing you from dependance on your accompanists. Unless you choose to clash with the preexisting harmony to create tension.

You will develop rhythmic and motivic ideas, which will give your improvisations a sense of structure and clarity.